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To accelerate learning and unlock the potential in every STEM student by improving their understanding of challenging materials with easy-to-use, customised tutorials and study guides.

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Our story

Proprep values inspiring excellence, credibility, diversity, achievement and creativity. Our team works around the clock to provide quality material from esteemed academic leaders to support the learning process for STEM students in the UK. With over 50,000 videos and limitless options for module customisation, students can study the way that best suits them. The result is deeper understanding, improved problem-solving techniques, and better marks for the student.

Meet our team

Rob-Weeks Rob Weeks Director of Licensing
Kate-Ryan Kate Ryan Director of Business Development
Katharine-Jackson Katharine Jackson Chief Executive Officer
Simon-Bell Simon Bell Director of Partnerships & Engagement
Katherine-Mayhew Katherine Mayhew Student Engagement & Outreach Manager

Pedagocial advisory board

Prof-Gilad-Livne Prof. Gilad Livne Accounting
Dr-Nikita-Hari Dr. Nikita Hari Electrical Engineering
Dr-Tom-Crawford Dr. Tom Crawford Math

The pedagogical team

Amos-Bahiri Amos Bahiri Math
Dr-Shay-Barkan Dr. Shay Barkan Biology
Dr-Yishai-Weizmann Dr. Yishai Weizmann Biology
Dr-Don-Katcoff Dr. Don Katcoff Biology
Prof-Arlene-Gordon Prof. Arlene Gordon Chemistry
Dr-Michal-Ejgenberg Dr. Michal Ejgenberg Chemistry
Dr-Niva-Levy Dr. Niva Levy Chemistry
Dr-Henni-Zommer Dr. Henni Zommer Biochemistry
Mr-David-Kolitz Mr. David Kolitz Accounting
Ms-Cathy-Service Ms. Cathy Service Accounting
Prof-Francesca-Franco Prof. Francesca Franco Accounting
Prof-Eli-Amir Prof. Eli Amir Finance
Mr-Marco-Ghitti Mr. Marco Ghitti Finance
Mr-Hardip-Mothada Mr. Hardip Mothada Computer Science
Mr-Shay-Yederman Mr. Shay Yederman Physics / Electrical Engineering
Mr-Sharif-Abu-Gosh Mr. Sharif Abu Gosh Statistics
Dr-Abed-Azab Dr. Abed Azab Chemistry
Ms-Magali-Saul Ms. Magali Saul Chemistry
Dr-Hijazi-Abu-Ali Dr. Hijazi Abu Ali Chemistry
Mr-Abhijith-Moni Mr. Abhijith Moni Physics
Mr-Meny-Gabay Mr. Meny Gabay Physics
Dr-Barak-Kandell Dr. Barak Kandell Statistics
Mr-Kevin-McMeeking Mr. Kevin McMeeking Accounting
Dr-Yael-Avraham Dr. Yael Avraham Chemistry
Mr-Jamal-Knought Mr. Jamal Knought Math
Mr-Daniel-Dgani Mr. Daniel Dgani Physics
Ms-Doria-Spiegel Ms. Doria Spiegel Physics
‏‎Mr-Guy-Salomon ‏‎Mr. Guy Salomon Math
Prof-Yitzhak-Mastai Prof. Yitzhak Mastai Chemistry
Ms-Lori-Rubel Ms. Lori Rubel Statistics
‏‎Guy Rotman ‏‎Mr. Guy Rotman Math
Dr-Rachel-Persky Dr. Rachel Persky Chemistry
Mr-Stav-Berman Mr. Stav Berman Math
Mr-Yitzhak-Tzubara Mr. Yitzhak Tzubara Math

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